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LASE 16 - game-changer in facet passivation

Designed specifically for edge-emitting laser treatment, LASE 16 is a compact,

single-chamber system for in-situ cleaning, passivation, and sealing of laser facets.


µLED sample snip.PNG

One of the most longstanding and effective facet passivation methods – the “E2” process. This approach involves the facet being coated with a thin layer of silicon immediately following cleaving or separation from an adjacent facet.

E2 employs a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machine with several vacuum pumps, and other special tools are also needed to handle the lasers properly and deposit the coating.

LASE 16, on the contrary, enables maximum process efficiency and control for facet cleaning, passivation, and sealing in a compact and agile design.


Product features:

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