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Boosting Performance for
Compound Semiconductor Devices

Revolutionize the efficiency of III-V devices with our cutting-edge passivation technology, setting new standards for peak performance.

We are Comptek

Comptek Solutions is a leading technology provider in the compound semiconductor industry, specializing in pioneering passivation solutions powered by our breakthrough nanoengineering technology. Addressing native oxidation challenges, our Kontrox passivation solutions optimize power efficiency and manufacturing processes of semiconductor components. With 27 patents, Comptek Solutions leads semiconductor advancement from our tech base in Turku, Finland. 

Dsicover tecnology

We are industry leaders at the forefront of compound semiconductor atomic-scale surface engineering.

Our revolutionary technology, Kontrox, tackles the problem of native oxidation in compound semiconductors, enabling considerable improvements in the power efficiency of semiconductor components, enhancing manufacturing yields and optimizing the production process. 

Join us at the forefront of innovation, where Kontrox sets the standard for excellence in compound semiconductor engineering,

Laser facets

Effective passivation of laser facets is the key to obtaining the highest power output of edge-emitting lasers. 

MESA sidewalls

Achieving a high-quality passivation of the sidewall is crucial for realizing a microLED-based display with optimal power efficiency.


Minimizing the density of surface defect states at the interface between the semiconductor and the gate dielectric is crucial for seamless functioning and enhanced performance of power electronic components.

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