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Comptek collaborates with Riber to develop joint technological solutions

RIBER, a global market leader for semiconductor industry equipment, and Comptek Solutions, a forerunner in III-V compound semiconductor quantum surface engineering, are announcing to have signed a commercial partnership deal to develop joint technological solutions.

The partnership between RIBER and Comptek Solutions aims to build a long-term collaboration to support and accelerate Kontrox™ technology transfer to industrial clients by delivering customized, highly efficient ultra-high vacuum equipment along with expert technical support and lifecycle management services.

This collaboration makes it possible to customize and optimize the specifications for equipment to deploy Kontrox™ technology according to user needs. This will enhance the technology industrialization featuring a process control developed specifically for Kontrox™.

This commercial partnership helps expand and increase market opportunities for both parties by combining their technological solutions and optimizing delivery times. The partnership enables RIBER to promote and develop its expertise, while diversifying its product range with a novel, break-thru technological solution.

RIBER is a global market leader for semiconductor industry equipment. It designs and produces molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems as well as evaporation sources and cells for the semiconductor industry. It also provides technical and scientific support for its clients, maintaining their equipment and optimizing their performance and output levels. Through its high-tech equipment, RIBER performs an essential role in the development of advanced semiconductor systems that are used in numerous consumer applications, from information technologies to 5G telecommunications networks, OLED screens and next-generation solar cells.


RIBER is a BPI France-approved innovative company and is listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market (ISIN: FR0000075954).

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