Breakthrough passivation technology for unprecedented III-V device performance

Kontrox is a quantum engineering technique that eliminates oxidation-induced surface defects in semiconductor materials. Chip surfaces are transformed into high-quality nanostructures stable against inevitable air exposure.

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Breakthrough quantum technology improving the quality of thin film deposition techniques

III-V semiconductor materials such as GaAs, GaN, InGaAs, GaSb, InP, InAs, or InSb present high surface state densities due to the formation of native oxides. This leads to harmful physical phenomena like Fermi-level pinning and surface recombination which deteriorate the device performance in microelectronic and optoelectronic fields. For example, the surface states will cause charge carrier losses and decrease the photoelectric conversion efficiency in solar cells and detectors; In the semiconductor lasers, the surface states in the facets of laser cavity will cause unwanted absorption of the laser light and reduce the laser emission efficiency.

Our breakthrough technology - Kontrox  - solves the problem of native oxidation in compound semiconductor materials. We make the oxidation happen in a highly controlled manner so that the resulting surface is more resistant to air exposure. Creates a high-quality interface for ALD...

For the first time ever, we can promote surface crystalline oxide reconstructions on the surface of the III-V materials. With Kontrox, efficiency and performance of compound semiconductor devices are taken to record levels while manufacturing costs are significantly reduced.

Surface defect reduction

98% fewer defects compared to existing passivation methods

End device efficiency improvement

Peak EQE increase

of up to 300% (in 5µm red µLEDs)


Stable against ambient air exposure & high-temperature annealing

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Untreated semiconductor surface exhibits a large number of oxidation-induced defects


These atomic-level defects are ultimately an amorphous oxide and contaminations on top of the III-V crystal. This native oxide is naturally characterized by atomic-level
bond disorder, dangling bonds, and mixed group III and group V oxides

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Passivation of sidewalls for III-V based MESA structures

In optoelectronic devices, surface recombination and leakage of carriers impose serious limitations on the efficiency of semiconductor devices. Kontrox prevents this from happening.

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Laser facet passivation

Effective passivation of laser facets is the key to obtaining the highest power output of edge-emitting lasers.