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A forerunner
in compound semiconductor
surface engineering

HTVD 2020 - compound semiconductors

Comptek Solutions is a passivation technology provider for the global semiconductor industry. We offer customized solutions to fit various substrate

and chip manufacturing flows.  The company has been founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Turku (Finland) when Jouko Lång and his team discovered the novel process that sets a new bar for the efficiency and reliability of compound semiconductor devices.

Today, we are a forerunner in III-V compound semiconductor quantum surface engineering with years of research behind and five granted patent families. We work relentlessly to transform the global semiconductor industry with innovative surface engineering technologies and services that enable the manufacturing of more efficient, reliable, and affordable devices.

one to watch - III-V passivation
Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Management team

Marjukka Tuominen

Research Leader

Vicente Calvo

CEO, Founder

Jouko Lång

CTO, Founder

Elias Tsiatas

Sales &
Business Development Director

Board members

Erkki Heinonen.jpg

With an extensive career in consumer electronics, Erkki is currently  the CEO of EQT- Solutions. He specializes in supporting companies in their growth, internationalization, and strategic business planning

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Compound semiconductors have been identified as one of the six key enabling technologies necessary for future industrial development.

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We contribute to global environmental sustainability by improving the power efficiency of semiconductor components and optimizing their manufacturing process.

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