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Environmental Policy Statement

Comptek Solutions accepts its responsibilities in environmental matters and recognizes that good environmental management must be an integral and fundamental part of the business. 

We aim to improve our environmental performance by:​

  • Complying with the requirements of all environmental legislation

  • Assessing the environmental impact of our business operations and raising awareness among the employees

  • Developing environmental goals and targets relevant to our operations and taking actions to achieve those goals and targets

  • Monitoring progress and review performance annually

  • Conserving natural resources through minimizing power consumption and improving water management

  • Managing waste and minimizing the use of hazardous substances

  • Preventing and reducing pollution by implementing efficient control procedures to monitor and manage materials and processes that impact the environment

  • Implementing the use of recycled materials where appropriate

  • Encouraging recycling and sustainable living among the employees

  • Continually seeking to improve environmental performance

In addition, every employee at Comptek Solutions is expected to:

  • Conduct their assigned duties in a manner that complies with environmental regulations and company requirements

  • Be aware of the potential environmental consequences of their actions and take care to minimize any harmful consequences

  • Immediately report environmental incidents and close calls

  • Participate in the conduct of incident investigations, correct deficiencies, and take actions to prevent incidents from occurring

  • Constantly strive to improve environmental performance in their work area

This policy is reviewed and implemented annually under the supervision and authority of the ESG responsible at the time.

As a CEO I rely on every employee to be committed and motivated to deploy and implement this policy.

Vicente Calvo

CEO, Founder

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