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Turnkey solutions for
compound semiconductor passivation 

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At Comptek, we follow our vision to innovate and develope the next generation of semiconductor technologies that will bring to the market the most efficient, reliable, and sustainable electronic devices.


We deliver complete technology solutions to meet the most demanding market specifications. Our customers benefit from best-in-class engineering services; we perform all necessary implementation and optimization studies to seamlessly transfer and integrate the ready process into your manufacturing lines.

The studies are carried out in Comptek´s laboratories and can be easily transferred to the customer R&D lines to speed up the process reliability and implementation activities. Through our partner network, we provide a range of equipment solutions employing fully automated tools. Our partners take care of equipment service and maintenance, while Comptek service team ensures impeccable process performance.

Once the process is up and running, customers enjoy the full freedom-to-operate with the license to our IP portfolio that covers all necessary specifications.

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Freedom-to-operate under Comptek´s IP portfolio

Access to Comptek's IP portfolio

Tailored process implementation to suit customer requirements

Process implementation & optimization service

Kontrox running on customized high-end equipment along with expert lifecycle management services.

Technology transfer and lifecycle management services


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As part of our offering of turnkey technology solutions, Comptek delivers equipment designed to implement Kontrox processes meeting the highest industry standards.

Comptek collaborates with well-known European equipment manufacturers to ensure first-class quality, effective delivery time and full technical service, across all our technology offerings.

Our high-precision and high-reliability equipment can be customized to fulfill customers’ requirements. The comprehensive nature of our technology solutions enables seamless implementation of our novel passivation technology Kontrox into customers’ production lines and facilitate the customers’ business and productivity scale-up.

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