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Improving the quality
of gate dielectric interface


HR-TEM images from ALD Al2O3-GaAs(100) interface with and without  Kontrox treatment. The Kontrox-treated structure exhibits unprecedentedly low levels of surface defects and a sharp III-V dielectric interface.

The semiconductor-dielectric interface plays a crucial role in semiconductor devices determining their performance. In compound semiconductor-based transistors, achieving sufficient interface quality is extremely difficult because of the aggressive oxidation.

In transistor applications, the passivation effect of Kontrox is evident when comparing III-V MIS capacitors produced with and without the Kontrox passivation layer for the technologically important InAs and AlGaN/GaN MIS structures. With capacitance-voltage (CV) measurements, a drastic reduction of frequency-dependent capacitance dispersion is achieved with Kontrox, both for arsenide- and nitride-based MIS structures. 

Kontrox drastically reduces the surface defect state density at the interface between the semiconductor and the gate dielectric

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