Effective passivation of laser facets is the key to obtaining
the highest power output of
edge-emitting lasers

Currently, a method that provides the best passivating effect is cleaving laser bars in UHV conditions followed by passivating protection, i.e. ZnSe layer, prior to the deposition of the mirror layers. A significant disadvantage of the approach is a complex and very costly implementation of the cleaving step performed in the UHV. 

With our novel solution laser bars are cleaved in-air, after which treated with an optimized in-situ cleaning process. Once a good clean facet is obtained, the laser bars are passivated in highly controlled conditions before applying the mirror coatings. This way, we achieve results similar to the best processes currently available in the market at significantly reduced costs.

Kontrox increases photoluminescence emission intensity monitored directly from the laser facet active area indicating the improvement of surface quality enabled by Kontrox. 

Laser PL intensity reference vs Kontrox.png
Laser PL intensity reference vs Kontrox.png
Full LED_GaN.tif

Passivation of sidewalls
for III-V based MESA structures

In optoelectronic devices, surface recombination and leakage of carriers impose serious limitations on the efficiency of semiconductor devices. Kontrox prevents this from happening.


Compound semiconductor

Kontrox drastically reduces the surface defect state density at the interface between the semiconductor and the gate dielectric.