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Team Spotlight: Arjun Mandal - Researcher

While Arjun conducts very serious and promising research in molecular beam epitaxy, his personality is easy-going and open-minded. Today, Arjun shares his view on the current trends in the semiconductor industry and reflects on how the global pandemic affected his life.

What is your current job at Comptek?

I work as a molecular beam epitaxy specialist researcher. My background is in the growth and study of III-V compound semiconductor-based quantum structures. I'm like a chef cooking according to the recipes, but instead of food, it's optoelectronics devices at an atomic level for me. Kontrox passivation technology was completely new to me when I joined Comptek.

After learning and assimilating for a while, I am now working on further developing Kontrox.

What are the things you appreciate the most in a colleague?

Since my doctoral studies, I’ve lived and worked in various multicultural environments and really enjoy that here at Comptek the team is quite diverse.

I appreciate when a colleague lets his/her personality show and benefits it at work; traits like positive attitude and desire to help as well well good intentions channeled through individual expertise are very important for a strong, successful team. But also having a Dwight Schrute (from "The Office") at work is fun :D

Have you made any big plans for when the corona crisis finally ends?

Fortunately, Turku area where we are located has not been affected by the pandemic that much. I did come to the office quite regularly during the pandemic and I personally believe that research-wise 2020 was my most productive year at Comptek so far.

My social life, on the other hand, has been definitely affected by the pandemic - not being able to travel on holidays or see my family that lives on two other continents is quite frustrating. So I definitely look forward to more fun and adventures once the pandemic is over!

What problem did you run into recently and how did you solve it?

I’d rather call them challenges, not problems :) In the very recent past, I was implementing a new variant of Kontrox process along with a conventional one for a customer project. Turned out I had had somewhat too high expectations for a new one, and did not meet those within the project period. Nevertheless, I am optimistic about the future of this endeavor; research plans can be never-ending, but proper execution always takes time:)

What trends are you seeing in the semiconductor field? How do you think they will affect the industry? 

One is undoubtedly Quantum Computing; having the potential to process exponentially more data compared to conventional computers makes this subject a hot cake right now; many big companies and governments have already allocated lots of funding in the R&D and mass productions of quantum computers will definitely have an impact on the global semiconductor industry. Another important trend I notice is the increasing involvement of semiconductors in green technology. For example, promising work within solar cell technologies is being done, and I hope once we find a way to reduce its manufacturing costs the technology will be widely available, especially in developing countries.

Also, I believe it is high time for the semiconductor industry to invest more in the research of chemical fuels generation, such as hydrogen. But hey, whatever future awaits the semiconductor industry, if it involves compound semiconductors - it will be achieved with the help of Kontrox! :)


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