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Enabling next-generation
microLED displays 

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Application case: microLED

The display industry is coming to a major turning-point due to high demand and unprecedented requirements of power efficiency and brightness driven by next-generation information displays, automotive, VR/AR, and IoT applications.  MicroLED technology is currently the only way for that transformation.


There are numerous obstacles in realizing a good quality, high yield, mass-production-ready micro-LED display. Poor efficiency at low current densities and variation of emission level between chips is one of the key issues that is directly related to the quality of the sidewalls of the chips and the high surface recombination effects. These effects become more prominent as the chip size gets smaller.

Kontrox forms a high-quality passivation layer with substantially reduced defect densities improving the microLED's power efficiency & brightness levels significantly


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Laser facets

Effective passivation of laser facets is the key to obtaining the highest power output of edge-emitting lasers. 


Compound semiconductor transistors

Kontrox drastically reduces the surface defect state density at the interface between the semiconductor and the gate dielectric. 

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