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Comptek lands 1st place in the "Win the Future" Venture Contest in Suzhou, China

"WIN THE FUTURE" 2021 Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs took place virtually on May 25th, with a site of jury and audience in Suzhou, China. The contest aims to create a high-level innovation and entrepreneurship platform for overseas high-level talents.

The event was hosted by Suzhou International Elite Venture Week Alliance and Hohot Consulting Oy as supporting organizer from Finland. A total of 54 startup teams from Finland have applied to participate with innovative projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital economy, biotech and medicine, and other.

Comptek's novel semiconductor technology Kontrox presented by the CEO Vicente Calvo was placed first in the contest, allowing to directly enter the evaluating process of Gusu Laeding Talent Program and receive significant non-equity funding in case of passing the evaluation successfully.

This award and recognition from from the Chinese industrial tech community is an important step for Comptek on the way to establishing strong customer collaborations in these strategically important region.

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