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Comptek's innovative laser facet technology towards implementation with Business Finland funding

laser bars
Laser bars processed from a GaAs-based epiwafer

July 13, 2021 TURKU, Finland – Comptek Solutions Oy, a Finnish nanotechnology startup specializing in compound semiconductor surface engineering, receives funding from the Finnish government innovation funding branch Business Finland. The funding is meant to speed up the development of Comptek’s novel passivation method - Kontrox – for laser applications and to build specialized equipment for its implementation.

Effective passivation of laser facets is the key to obtaining the highest level of reliability and power output of edge-emitting lasers for key applications like optical communications, material processing, medical sensing, and optical storage. Techniques currently available in the market are very costly, their outcome in terms of chip performance is somewhat limited depending on the materials contained in the chips, and manufacturing throughput is low. With its state-of-the-art quantum surface engineering techniques and customized equipment, Comptek brings to the market a solution that improves laser reliability and power output levels with a cost of ownership up to 40% lower than competitive methods.

The funding covers 50% of the project total budget and will speed up the development of new passivation equipment designed specifically for edge-emitting laser processing. The commercial potential for a new passivation technology is substantial with the edge-emitting laser market estimated to reach $6.6B in 2026, driven by optical communications and emerging applications in the medical and lighting sectors. Receiving this funding is a valuable recognition of Comptek’s efforts and will significantly support the developments for laser applications accelerated by the investment from Hamamatsu Photonics earlier this year.


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