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Spreading the mission and providing expert advice in Finland on behalf of the Society of Vacuum Coaters


Founded in 1957, SVC is a non-profit, international, professional organization primarily devoted to coating and surface finishing using vacuum processes. SVC consists of industry, academia, and members from national research laboratories.  The industry applies coatings and treatments to a wide variety of consumer and industrial products in all business sectors including electronic coatings for touch screens, transparent conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics, optical coatings, thermal control coatings, and many more. 

In fall 2021 Comptek's CTO Jouko Lång has been invited to join the SVC International Advisory Committee to broaden SCV's international outreach and promote vacuum coating and related technologies in Finland. 

SVC arranges the annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (TechCon) and publishes presented papers in the TechCon Technical Proceedings. The SVC Exhibition has over 175 participating companies with individual and organization attendance from over 35 countries. Learn more about the TechCon and register here.


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